Highbury Energy. A world of difference.

Like the fabled pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, the prospect of turning useless organic waste material into usable fuel has tantalized scientists and engineers for decades. After years of research, trial and refinement, Highbury Energy has developed a process that moves the planet a giant step closer to achieving what was once deemed unachievable: an environmentally benign, industrially feasible and economically profitable waste management, energy and fuel generation system. Highbury Energy's innovative design, thermochemical biomass conversion process, including our patented tar removal system, produces game changing clean, renewable, high Energy Gas. This Energy Gas can be used to produce power, heat, transportation fuel and high value chemicals.

Our ongoing strategy is to capitalize on our innovative technology to deliver cost effective renewable energy projects and to continually grow our portfolio of renewable energy outputs. Through continual process improvement and technology partnerships we are growing our range of high value, renewable, low carbon intensity energy products.

Highbury Energy’s immediate commercialization phase is to build small-scale, combined heat and power (CHP) projects from 2-5 (MW) Megawatts, targeting areas with restrictive power pricing and/or off-grid communities that are dependant on costly power generation. Simultaneously, we are in plans to develop a project in British Columbia demonstrating the Highbury Energy technology in combination with the Korean Institute of Energy Research (KIER) Fischer-Tropsch technology to produce renewable aviation fuel. Plans have been commenced to scale-up this demonstration to a 300 ton/day commercial plant.

Eaton Partnerships

Highbury teams up with Korean government to create high-quality fuels from Highbury synthesis gas